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Come and visit us in Hall 5 , Stand 174.

Thursday 7th to Sunday 10th March, NEC Birmingham

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Come and visit us

We will be at Paws in the Palace, Scone Palace on Sunday 3rd September.

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Loving The Tug!

We found this great video online - Loving George !!

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Crufts 2019

Crufts 2019!  No long now, and hopefully lots of you will come to visit. We're in Hall 5, Stand 174b - come and say hello

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Not long until the North East Pet Expo - who's going to come and see us? 

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North East Pet Expo 2019

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​Who like to play tug with their dog? Don't they always want the side you are holding? The Goughnut TuG is designed so you can hold one side and the dog can hold the other, giving you some protection. (There's always one who still wants your end!). TuGs come in Black in Original size, and MaxX size for those real tough guys. They also come in colou...

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The Lifetime Guarantee

All Goughnuts carry a life time guarantee. If you dog manages to get through to the red inner core (and there are some that can), then return the toy to us, and we will replace it with a new one. Some Goughnuts don't have a red inner core. These are the Interactive toys - Tugs, balls, and K9 Kups. All these toys have a mottled outer to in...

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Feeding Time!

Goughnuts also have a work to eat toy. The K9 Kup is designed to be filled with food to enrich your dogs' feeding time. You can fill it with kibbles or wet food, and then your dog has to work to get his meal. It increases feeding times, and give him something to think about. K9 Kups are freezer proof, and they'll also go in the dishwasher too. Whil...

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Testing, Testing

One of our stockists is called FrankandJellys. FnJ insist on testing all their products before they sell them. Recently they held a 30 day challenge using Goughnuts. Not one dog managed to damage their Goughnut in that time. Head over to their Facebook page, and see if your dog can join their testing team! https://www.facebook.com/100015048818011/v...

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Like we said....

Everyone loves a ball - especially Bhodi!! Lol

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Dogs love balls, and Goughnuts love balls too! The balls come in all the colours Black (toughest), Green, Orange and Yellow. Goughnut balls are larger than a tennis ball. The tennis ball can be dangerous, as it is just the right size to get lodged in a dogs throat, which can be fatal.  Goughnuts make their balls larger to help try and avoid th...

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Smaller dogs

Yesterdays featured toy was the Original Black, suitable for dogs over 8kg. But, I hear you ask, what if my dog is under 8kg and still a good chewer? That's OK, we have a toy for them too.  There are small rings and stick shaped toys for our small friends. They also come in black for the really hard chewers, but also in colours for those ...

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Santa Paws is coming!!

As all the dogs start to write their Santa lists, with Goughnuts at the top, we wanted to tell you about different toys, so you can pick the best one for your friend. Today we feature the Original Black. One of the first Goughnuts to be produced, the Original Black is one of out best sellers. It is 13cm wide , and weighs approx 450g.  Suitable...

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Canines at the Castle

Sadly this event has been cancelled, so Goughnuts will not be out and about this weekend :(

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Away notice

Hi there, I'm away a few days with work, so any orders placed over next few days will be dispatched on Monday  27th August. Thanks :) Goughnuts!

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Even more pics :)

I think Henry is happy, despite his sad s=eyes :)

Rudy and Genie want to play with their Goughnut

Super chuffed Tain with his Maxx stick

A few more pics of happy GoughNut customers 

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More pics :)

Charlie, Lizzie and Loki - all with Original blacks  Axl has a Maxx Black ring   Action shot from Arnie!

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New Pictures

Bentley and Bailey loves their Goughnuts

Jess and her Maxx TuG toy

Jensie loves his Maxx Ring

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New stock!

We now have everything back in stock after the latest delivery!

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