Medium Lite Ring

Medium Lite Ring
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Lite Medium

The GoughNuts Medium Lite was designed to address the need for a comfortable chew toy for your dog. It is NOT designed for destructive chewing.

The GoughNuts Lite Medium is for medium size dogs. It is 4 inches in diameter.
It comes in three colours, Green, Orange and Blue

We want to provide the safest possible products that are durable and fun. The rubber is the same recipe as used on our rings but we have marked the outside with stripes to show that here is not a safety indicator in this product (as again it is for interactive play versus constant chewing).
Sizing is important. Please pick the correct size for your dog. The product should be larger than the dogs mouth such that the product should be seen on both sides of the dogs mouth when they carry it.

The Lite does not have a red inner core but is still covered by the Lifetime Guarantee. If it becomes damaged, please return it for replacement.

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