The Product range

The Original Goughnut Ring

The Original Green GoughNut is approx 12.5cm in diameter and weighs approximately 400gm. The GoughNut .75 is 9.5cm in diameter and weighs approx 170g.

GoughNuts Black is the most popular chew toy as most dog owners that have a power chewer want the strongest available. This toy is stronger and more durable than the Original Green GoughNut. 

The GoughNuts Black incorporates the original GoughNuts green but then adds carbon technology to enhance performance. GoughNuts Black is recommended for extreme chewers. 

The Goughnuts Maxx Black is for the biggest dogs that power chew. The GoughNuts Maxx Black is guaranteed as are all of our GoughNuts line of chew toys.

GoughNut .75 is designed for the small to medium size dog. When sizing a chew toy please be sure that the chew toy appears large in the dogs mouth. In general the GoughNut .75 is designed for a dog that is 4 - 12kg in weight. However, if your medium or even your small dog is a heavy chewer please consider the larger, Original GoughNut instead. 

The Stick

All GoughNuts Sticks are guaranteed for life. Our two layered technology and the guarantee are our investment in the dog's safety. Please remove any GoughNuts chew toy from the dog if the red indication is seen. Please follow the instruction in the "Guarantee" section seen by selecting the button above.

All GoughNuts products float, including the Stick! The Stick comes in green, where "green means Go and red means Stop" and Black, where specific carbon technology is used so that it produces the strongest material we know how to make.

The dimensions of the GoughNuts Stick are approx 23cm long with a 4.5cm cross section. It has been proved that the 4.5cm inch cross section in combination with the durable rubber holds up to 99% of the power chewers out there.

One of the reasons we created the GoughNut Stick, was to add another dimension to the product line. The Original GoughNut has many accolades, but one issue that has been heard is that a dog that cannot destroy a toy might ignore it. For those dogs, the GoughNuts Stick in combination with the original GoughNut, produces the GoughNuts puzzle. The puzzle is made by using a lubricant (olive oil, dog saliva, dish soap) to press fit the Stick into the original GoughNut. Any colour combination of stick and original GoughNut creates the puzzle.

The GoughNuts puzzle offers different angles for the dog to chew on. The dog will enjoy the different ways the puzzle rolls and bounces. If the dog has the power to pull, the puzzle can be solved and the dog will sense that it has destroyed or figured out the GoughNuts puzzle. Of course the puzzle can be put back together as many times as the dog has energy for. 

The Ball

The GoughNuts Ball is not a chew toy but instead is an interactive toy. Yes the Ball is tough and we have made the first GoughNuts Ball in the strongest Black recipe. The Black is stronger and more durable than the Green. The GoughNuts Black incorporates the original GoughNuts green but then adds carbon technology to enhance strength. The GoughNuts Ball Black is guaranteed, as are all of the GoughNuts line of chew toys

In addition to the GoughNuts two layered safety technology included in every GoughNuts toy, where 'red means stop!', the Ball is designed with a multi-axis groove system that may help the dog breathe in an emergency situation of throat Blockage. Spherical objects or balls can be a safety hazard for the reason of throat blockage.  

The GoughNuts Ball bounces well, floats, and we hope is a toy the dog will enjoy playing with. This is the first interactive toy, as the GoughNuts Ball is not designed as a chew toy. If the dog is left to chew it will attack the grooves and if you have a power chewer it will destroy GoughNuts Ball. Please stop at the red. We will replace the toy as described in our guarantee section however please realize that the Original GoughNut ring design remains the most durable chew toy.